Monday, December 5, 2011

Miracle Acne Treatment?

I am one of those lucky people blessed with adult acne. It's not horrible, just a few pimples a month. In February I had a flare up that left scars all over my cheeks. . . NOTHING would get rid of them! It wasn't a happy situation for me. My Aunt had told me about tea tree oil many months ago, but I hadn't picked up my bottle until recently. A few days ago I bought my first bottle at CVS pharmacy on a whim. It was only around $10 so I figured it wouldn't be a huge blow to the budget. All I can say is: WOW! In just 2 days my acne scars on one cheek are completely faded. The other cheek's scars have been minimized greatly. My husband is using it and is having the same results! :) We don't dilute it at all (probably not the best if you have sensitive skin!) and find that it clears up your face super fast. Tea tree oil can also be used on small cuts and bug bites. Definitely worth checking into! :)

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