Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh, so creative.

Before- Old Fisher-Price Castle 
After- Repainted castle made a great accent at our castle wedding! Photo credit: LGPhotography

My Mom's creativity has never ceased to amaze me. I'd like to say that her creativity was passed on to me, but I highly doubt it. She has this amazing way of taking things from ugly to fabulous. A lot of people have these castles sitting around, and you've probably seen your share at local garage sales. I think this would make a gorgeous addition to a little girls room. My Mom spray painted this castle with left over ivory spray paint from another project. It needed a few coats to get that solid pearlescent color. She put a piece of damask ribbon on the "door" of the castle. In the windows, she placed crystal stickers by David Tutera's wedding collection. The project was a cheap way to take my husband's old toy to a wonderful accent. Such a chic and easy project!


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