Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Message in a Cookie!

When I stumbled across these cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma, I had to have them. Normally, this would be way out of my budget, but I knew I could have lots of fun with these! First off, here's the link to buy them. Williams-Sonoma Message in a Cookie Cutter Set. They are just too fun! The possibilities are endless. The only picture I have from using them is of my Easter cookies. They turned out really cute. It's definitely an easy way to impress the guests! I'll be honest, they are pretty time consuming. This isn't something you'll want to bust out every day, but it does add a lot of fun to your designs.

Some Tips:
1. Roll the dough VERY thin. Seriously. The dough rises (obviously) and the letters will disappear into cookie land.
2. Many reviewers say not to use the dough recipe that comes with the cookie box. So, look for your own!
3. Look for decorating frosting pens. They make it SO much easier to decorate these.
4. When stamping, liberally apply flour to the cookie cutters. Trust me. You will thank me when your message doesn't look like a blob.

Now for some pictures. :)

This is what the box looks like. Lots of cute decorating ideas!

Easter Cookies!

Picture from the Williams-Sonoma website (aka I didn't take it... aka now you can't sue me!) 

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