Monday, April 23, 2012

That would never happen to me.

You never expect that dreaded call to happen to you. It only happens in movies- maybe to other people. But, not you. That call was the one I got today. My dad has been in a horrible accident and they don't know if he will even make it through the night. My heart is so broken. My mind cannot stop racing with the "what if?" questions. What if they left a second later? I am trying to remind myself that God has complete control. God knows what's coming, whether it be good or bad. He has a plan for this. He has something for me that will come of this. My dad is not going through this in vain.
We are leaving at 8am to be with him. Everything has been a blur so far. Every moment is passing so fast. I keep praying that he will live through the night. I want to be able to see him hold his grandkids someday. He still has to watch me graduate! Selfish desires, maybe, but I still want so much more for him.
I'm a little scared for what is to come, but I need to keep trusting Christ. I need to rely completely on him, because I know that's the only way to have a peace about this.

I will try to keep this updated for my family and friends as we go down to see him tomorrow. Please be patient with us, as it's a very hard time.

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