Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Disney Diet Has Begun...

Oh the joys of dieting. I've never had a successful diet in my life. I've never really struggled with weight, and being a dancer has always kept me in "good enough" shape. While I might look healthy on the outside, I know what I eat cannot equal a healthy inside. My best friend and I have started a "BFF" diet to keep each other accountable. Ah yes, the inspiration of others. The thing is, it's a lot harder to eat unhealthy/ "forget" to exercise when you have to report it to someone at the end of each day. I know this blog will keep me accountable as well, as I plan to keep my readers updated too! Any one else want to join us? :) 

My Goals: 
Lose the love handles
Tone my body
Change my eating habits

Seems pretty easy! I guess it won't seem as simple when someone presents me with a creme-filled donut. AH! Here goes nothing! :) 

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