Saturday, January 14, 2012

Good News!

Yay for good news! I wrote this blog last Friday. . . but we have internet now! So I can finally post it! YAY!

I have such a joyful heart tonight! I’m finally employed! I have spent the first 6 months of marriage as a stay-at-home wife. To be honest, I loved it. I loved adjusting to this new lifestyle. I throughly enjoyed spending time by myself. I’ve always been an independent girl, and I think our first 6 months would have been much more stressful if I didn’t have time to myself. I still cannot believe I got the job. It’s something I was not fully qualified for, yet took the risk to apply when I friend that works for the company suggested it. I’m so thankful I did! I cannot stop smiling. I am well aware that this attitude of working bliss will probably soon be over, but I needed to write this to remind myself of how happy I am right now. I’m so thankful I’ll be earning my own money and will be able to help my husband out financially. I only had $32 left in my personal bank account, and was saving it to buy presents for this year. I’m so grateful that I had to go through a time (since last February!) of not spending. I’ve learned to save, and I’ve learned what’s important to spend on. We’ve even gone 6 months without internet! God is blessing us so much already with a second income... even if we plan to put it aside. :) 

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