Monday, November 14, 2011

The Guest Book Tree

I've always been confused by the idea of guest books. That frilly book always placed on a podium with an overly-extravegant pen has never quite made sense to me. When I saw the idea for a guest book tree, I knew that was my perfect replacement. I love art, and having a piece of it that would remind me of my amazing guests seemed like the perfect plan. Think about it: your guest book is probably going to go into a box never to be seen by human eyes again. A guest book tree, however, is out on a wall for you to look at and admire every day! Perfect!

My Mom, being the artistic genius she is, painted my tree on a piece of canvas from Michaels. She then bought me stamps in different shades of green to make the "leaves." We kept a box of huggies baby wipes right by the stamps to clean the guests fingers. :) My sister decorated a little chalkboard with "leaf your print" on it. SO cute. It turned out great! I hung it in our walk-in closet. It definitely is a great reminder of our wedding and the people that made it so wonderful.

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